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Meet our CEO

           Nathalie Reyes, owner of Nathali3’s Nails. She is a Proud Latina born in East Los Angeles.  At the young age of 15, she became a single mother of a beautiful baby girl. In her process of figuring out what she needed to do to support her daughter, she discovered that her love of art could work as more than just a hobby. At the age of 19 she self-taught herself by experimenting on herself and taking the words her mother lived by  “Echando a perder se aprende”. She began practicing on family members to perfect her technique. Once her confidence arose she decided to attend Cosmetology school to become licensed at age of 25. After she finished school she decided to grow the family business and became pregnant with her second Beautiful Baby Girl, as a continued single mother. Plays amazing roles as a mother, an entrepreneur, a CEO, an instructor, and many more. During her pregnancy, she had lots of spare time so she started watching YouTube videos to refine her techniques once more. She attempted to work for others but then realized that the best way was to work for herself.  She then expanded her business to bridal make-up & hair styling and  FX make-up. Throughout the years she developed new and improved techniques. The business was then run by three women, a mother, and her two daughters. This grew to teach her daughters hard work takes sacrifice and commitment, no one was as ambitious as Nathalie herself, and even though many barriers occurred it never changed her vision of a unique career and building a future for her family. Her passion for art in the beauty industry and her own struggle inspired her to start her own Press On Nails line and offer classes. She is now shipping her Press on Nails locally & Internationally and traveling to cities all over California to teach her skill set to others. In the process, she has had the pleasure to work with celebrities and public figures. Along with the support of her family, Nathalie’s dedication and ambition have led her to become a very talented and successful business woman. Nathalie is an inspiration to not only her loved ones but everyone who learns her story!





Meet our Co CEO

            Valery Coyt, is a 20-year-old aspiring to follow in her mother's footsteps in the business industry. The computer tech behind the scenes of Nathali3s Nails, running all the Social Media Marketing, Sales Marketing, Advertisements, and Social Management. In addition, is also a Nail Tech, Braiding Artist, Lash Artist, Makeup Artist, and Instructor in the Business. Begin her career in the industry at the age of 14, while attending high school was intrigued with beauty and always surrounded by the business industry all thanks to her mother. This opened her vision to help her mother's business grow, as always taught to be independent and embrace the hustle. She then began to learn by observing, never taught up close and personally due to the fact that Nathalie was always overworking herself. This thenceforth, allowed to build Valery's independence by searching, testing, and allowing trial and error while in the process of learning. At the age of 16, she continued her journey as a young Nail Tech but already build her confidence to grow as an individual, then began to take lessons to professionally hairstyle & braid all while she was also learning the Computer techniques to help advertise the business in all ways and platforms. Fast forward at attended a University College, while balancing the responsibilities of managing a business was challenging however she made it possible. Now, 20 years old, a full-time college student with a full-time job as Co CEO. It was all made possible with dedication and sacrifice as she witnessed from her mother at a very young age.




Meet our Jr CEO